Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach



When you have found yourself you can have knowledge.
Until then you can only have opinions. Opinions are based on habit and what you conceive to be convenient to you.
The study of the Interior Life requires self encounter along the way.
You have not met yourself yet.
The only advantage of meeting others in the meantime is that one of them may present you to yourself. Before you do that, you will possibly imagine that you have met yourself many times.
But the truth is that when you do meet Yourself,
You come into a permanent endowment and bequest of knowledge that is like no other experience on earth. (Tariqavi)

Here is a tale to consider:
A lion was captured and imprisoned in a reserve where, to his surprise, he found other lions that had been there for many years, some even their whole life, having been born in captivity. The newcomer soon became familiar with the activities of the other lions and observed how they were arranged in different groups.
One group was dedicated to socialising, another to show business, whilst yet another group was focused on preserving the customs, culture and history from the time the lions were free. There were church groups and others that had attracted the literary or artistic talent. There were also revolutionaries who devoted themselves to plot agains their captors and against other revolutionary groups.
Occasionally, a riot broke out and one group was removed or killed all the camp guards, so that they had to be replaced by another set of guards.

However, the newcomer also noticed the presence of a lion that always seemed to be asleep. He did not belong to any group and was oblivious to them all. This lion appeared to arouse both admiration and hostility from the others. One day the newcomer approached this solitary lion and asked him which group he belonged to.
“Do not join any group” said the lion. “Those poor ones deal with everything but the essential”.
“And what is essential?” asked the newcomer.
“It is essential to study the nature of the fence”
(Healing the Wounded Mind, The Psychosis of the Modern World and the Search for the Self – Kingsley L.Dennis Clairview Books 2019

This is what happens in our Interior world, we are captive, prisoners, with various “groups” creating the illusion of freedom… We have even given them names “The insecure group”, “the ambitious”, the “weak”, the “controlling” and so on…

There is however in us, the possibility, gradually to Work towards the Essential, to pass through the “fence” to study the nature of our mind and free ourselves, to meet truly our nature, to be our Self in all its Majestic and Great Nature.