Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

Welcoming problems (part two)


Cambridge University has published a very interesting book titled “The Psychology of Problem Solving” categorising problems to big, small, difficult, easy, conscious and not conscious.
Since every human being is a unique, special entity, we have to remember that a big, small, hard, easy, conscious and not conscious problem, is resolved according to the unique Nature of each of us or with the support of others that sees us unique and special.
In which ever category a problem belongs, it offers an opportunity or  opportunities to evolve, progress and develop, since we need to be creative to “get out of the box” to think skilfully and to manage our emotions.

The realisation that we have some problem and our decision to solve it with an easy or complicated way, instead of postponing or avoid it, brings us much closer to reality and to its solution.

Major Inner Qualities that we need to learn or empower ourselves with, are:

• Discipline – to endure the arising emotions that are connected with the problem, using techniques (dis identification, dereflection, meditation, yoga, nature, psychotherapy)
• Realism – to discriminate truth from fantasy and to check what is realistically possible the certain moment
• Trust – to resist weakness, helplessness, laziness
• Patience – to give time to ourselves to be freed from the problem, to refrain from instant satisfaction
• Flexibility – to be flexible, manoeuvre and readjust with whatever is in front of us the certain moment
• Endurance – good physical and mental condition is important in times where problems arise in our live, caring for our mind and body is essential
• Responsibility – to learn or empower our stand in life and take responsibility for our attitude.

We also need good people around us, goodness is an important condition especially when we have problems.
If in-spite the above the problem is not solved, it is useful to ask for support to empower ourselves.
What we need to realise is that problems do get solved!