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Human beings as a species have certain qualities that both Scientists and the Humanistic schools agree on.
It is meaningful to practice remembering these qualities in our daily life and regulate our attitude so that we learn how to contain them and express them. Vulnerability is a precious quality of our developed brain.

We often confuse vulnerability with weakness.

Vulnerability is a subtle powerful quality, intelligent and flexible.
Weakness, on the other hand, feels like there is heavy weight pulling us down, holding us motionless and powerless.

An infant that practices the first steps of standing up, holding the mother’s hands, is vulnerable not weak!

A person that does baby steps towards walking graciously in life, towards a meaningful goal, needs this quality, the support from the other, the subtle power of vulnerability to move forward.
So if you need to learn a new “walk” look for someone to support you.
If you meet someone doing baby steps, be there for this person.

A little poem to remember your vulnerable nature, by St.Catherine of Siena, that was said to have been profoundly interested in every human being that ever came before her:

V u l n e ra b l e

Vulnerable we are, like an infant.
We need each other’s care
or we will

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