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(Choosing one word that would represent growth in 2023)

There are many rituals that one can do in the beginning of each year.

For this year I am choosing to do the ritual where I pick a word that represents growth for me in the year to come and hold on it during the rest of the year.

Looking for inspiration, I started reflecting on 2022 events, the lessons that I learned, the gifts, the blessings that I received and the challenges that I encountered.
What is the word that could reveal growth for this year to come?

2022 brought to me experiences and perceptions both inner and outer of extreme variations. What all these had in common was strangely the Holy Truth.

I see now that everything I experienced or perceived, is of the same Origin, appearing in various forms,  inseparable of this Holy Origin.
Almaas describes it as “the experience of seeing, that there is a Source from which you come and to which your return, and that all of reality comes from and returns to this same Source. It is like perceiving that the waves arise out of the ocean and return back into it.”
Facets of Unity, the Enneagram of Holy Ideas A.H.Almaas pg 187

I will pick the “Source” as my word of growth for 2023!

What if we could all find one word in 2023 to help make the world and us a better place to be and hold it in our hearts and minds through the year?

(inspiration of the One Word, from godneverhurries.com )

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