Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

Logotherapy’s philosophy & applications Course 12 hrs

Logotherapy in Everyday Life for Everyone Find your own Meaning

Greek Institute of Logotherapy

The Course is offered online, tutoring via Zoom.
It is offered individually and can be started at any time with a flexible schedule.
On line group meetings of students are offered and encouraged to attend.

This course is geared towards personal enrichment. It is designed for professionals and non-professionals alike, focusing on the application of Logotherapy in everyday life.

Upon completion of this Course, the student that meets requirements (see page: Diplomate Counsellor of Logotherapy) can proceed directly to the Advanced Level.

A systematic review of research evidence pertaining to logotherapy conducted in 2016 found correlations pertaining to logotherapy in the following areas/conditions of life:

  • Correlation between presence of meaning in life, Search for meaning in life, and life satisfaction, happiness
  • Lower meaning in life among patients with mental disorders
  • Search for meaning and presence of meaning as a resilience factor
  • Correlation between meaning in life and suicidal thoughts in cancer patients
  • Effectiveness of a logotherapy program for early adolescents with cancer
  • Effectiveness of logotherapy on depression in children
  • Effectiveness of logotherapy in reducing job burnout, empty nest syndrome
  • Correlation with marital satisfaction

Course Context:

  • The Three Fundamental Assumptions of Logotherapy:
    Freedom of Will
    Will to Meaning
    Meaning of Life
  • Dimensions of Human Existence
  • The Noetic Dimension:
  • The Noetic Unconscious
  • The Intuitive Conscience
  • Self-Transcendence
  • Responsibility, Meaning & Value
  • Ultimate Meaning
  • Meaning of the Moment
  • The Meaning Triangle: Creativity, Experiences and Attitude Reflections
  • Logotherapy’s techniques:
    Self Distancing
    Paradoxical Dereflection
    Socratic Dialogue
    Which technique do I use?
  • Meaningful & Purposeful Goals
  • The tragic triad: pain, guilt and loss

Student’s Prerequisites:

  • Participation in 100% of the meetings
  • Handing in answers to questions on the assigned books
  • Oral presentation at last class meeting
  • Reading material:
    Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”
    Joseph B. Fabry “The PURSUIT of Meaning”


Payments are flexible and can be mutually established.


The Greek Logotherapy Institute is legally accredited to Train, Educate and Promote Logotherapy.


For Registration or any questions email to: elena.aroni@gmail.com