Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

Inner evolution

In the world of lies, desire is our guide to the path of Suffering.
In the Land of Truth, curiosity is our guide to the Garden of Love.

(a Transpersonal approach of Living One’s life beyond and above the ego level)

Inner evolution is about our Personal Growth, our self-awareness and our selfimprovement. Most of us recognise that our ego, our personality is limited.
Let’s take a journey towards what we might be beyond our ego….what might be our own Unique Personal Essence.

I would sincerely suggest that you read the following lines with a steady curiosity avoiding any internal dialogue, you might energetically “remember” who you truly are!

“The more the Personal Essence is realised and developed, the more one experiences one’s life are integrated with who one is.
One’s life becomes the natural expression and extension of one’s personal realisation.
One literally fills one’s life with one’s integrated qualities and capacities.
Defensive, superficial and unnecessary activities, interests and engagements drop away.
One’s interests and activities become a direct reflection of one’s essential attainments.
Life becomes rich, profound, significant and fulfilling.
This does not happen through planning or premeditation.
The mind does not and cannot know what needs to happen.

The Personal Essence exerts the influence of all its qualities and dimensions on the consciousness of the individual.
One becomes naturally and spontaneously interested and involved in the activities, interests and situations that are in harmony with one’s realisation.
This realisation determines one’s life, and one’s life leads to a greater development of the realisation.
One begins to feel that everything that happens  in one’s life is meaningful and necessary.
It’s as if nothing wrong can happen, or that whatever is perceived to be wrong turns out to be ultimately in the service of one’s development.

…. One is simply oneself, and this naturally translates into the life of Essence.
One feels in direct and immediate contact with one’s life and activities.

There are accomplishments, achievements, tasks, jobs and so forth, but they are not of the same quality as those activities conducted by the ego individuality.
They are completely inseparable from being oneself.

One does not achieve for any reason, it is the natural expression and extension of one’s Personal Essence.
Achievements are not looked at as ways to gain recognition, love, self esteem, success, fame, power and so on.
They might bring such things, but they are not for such ends.
They are merely the natural expression of being oneself, living and functioning authentically.
One does not care about gain from success in the world, success in the world can happen, but only as a side consequence of gaining one’s authentic Being.

In other words, one does not gain value from one’s accomplishments, these accomplishments are rather, the expression of one’s self existing value.

When one depends on any external manifestations, such as performance, achievement, excellence, or anything, to feel a sense of value or love, then one has not yet personalised the essential aspect of value.
To depend upon external manifestations for self -esteem means one has to use one’s mind, one has to remember these accomplishments.
But the value of Being is self existing, is a presence independent of the mind and of the past.
This is not possible on the ego level where self-esteem is always inferred from ones’ manifestations and accomplishments.
The essential person may or may not have any external achievements, but his achievements are more meaningful to him, giving him a sense of pleasure and value because they are the expression of essential qualities.
The essential person’s accomplishments and attainments become one’s contribution to humanity.
It is not only for oneself, and it is not only for humanity.
On this level of experience the two are inseparable. One then knows and actualises one’s true contributions, by the mere fact of living one’s personal life.
The essential person is not only actualising attainments, accomplishments and contributions, but also realising and manifesting various qualities, capacities and ranges of experience possible for a human being.
The individual consciousness gradually realises and manifests the following qualities among others of the Personal Essence:
Freedom, autonomy, maturity, efficiency, competence, confidence, reliability, regality,  respect, integrity, dignity, excellence, fullness, sensuousness, firmness, resilient, integration and wholeness.
It is not possible to understand all these qualities if one remains on the ego level.
Ego is restricted by its character structure, which limits it to the experience and appreciation of only a few of the qualities.
The Personal Essence, on the other hand, is the embodiment of all the essential qualities. These qualities are the external manifestation of the developed and mature Personal Essence. “{The Pearl Beyond Price A.H.Almaas pp348-353}

Suggested Practices that can help you move beyond the ego:
Self Reflection and Self Inquiry, Mindfulness Meditation, Awareness of Ego Patterns, Cultivating Witness Consciousness, Embracing  Impermanence, Practicing Non Attachment, Engaging in acts of Service and cultivating Compassion for others, Studying Spiritual and Philosophical Texts, Seeking Guidance and Support, Being Patient and Persistent, Integrating Personal Essence into the daily life.