Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

Free Online Lectures

in memory of my beloved brother

Lectures on “Finding Meaning in Life” are offered to NGO’s, Mental Health Institutions, Organisms of Chronic Disease, Recovered Addicts, Homes for the Elderly etch.

Lectures are of One hour duration.

Please send an email to elena.aroni@gmail.com to find out more

Free Online Empowerment Group Practices

dedicated to my beloved family & friends

Every year I offer a free online Empowerment Workshop. The theme of the workshop derives from the “calling” of the moment.

For instance last year when Greece was locked down for Covid-19, I offered a 21 days, daily practice workshop, based on meditation techniques, self reflection exercises and feedback.

If you are interested to participate in a future workshop, please send me an email. As soon as a workshop is planned, you will be informed.

The workshops are designed so that you can participate at your pace.
Daily Guidance is provided through emails.

email at: elena.aroni@gmail.com