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Fighting the Truth


Every human being has a spiritual or noetic dimension veiled by the layers of personality. This dimension is innate in all of us and we are foolish not to realise our astonishing Nature.

By simply observing the Truth in all circumstances instead of fighting it, by persistently choosing the meaningful way, little by little our false self will dissolve and we will experience our authentic true and unique self.
We may not become perfect but that is not the goal.

The goal is to become more aligned with the Truth and expand as we learn to see the Face of the Spirit in everyone we meet.

With grace and courage we must work to stop fighting the Truth, since in that Truth lies our divine component.

Imam Jamal Rahman writes in his book:
“Who we really are, according to teachers from many traditions, is deceptively simple: We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

“The truth IS, we are fools.”

“We don’t realise our divine worth-and we don’t realise how foolish that is. We are too caught up in the externals of life and the complications of our personalities.”
We could learn from the Mulla, who agreed to teach a famous scholar some techniques that would reveal insights beyond what books and scriptures could offer.
There was only one condition:

For the first week, the scholar’s assignment was to kneel in the marketplace every morning and evening, kiss the ground, grab his ears, and make a particular sound.
The scholar objected, but the Mulla reassured him that this mysterious ritual would produce remarkable insights.
A week later the scholar returned to report his progress, and he was
Everyone in the market had roared with laughter and derision. “I felt
like a fool” he declared, “a total, complete fool!”
“That’s marvellous!” exclaimed the Mulla. “For just one week’s work, this is a profound insight, wouldn’t you say?”

You will be relieved to know that spiritual teachers are not suggesting that we go to the market and make a fool of ourselves.

But they do suggest that we begin to surrender attachment to our daily personality and begin to know ourselves as precious human beings.


Do you believe that a divine essence resides within you and that you
can connect with it?
Is there someone in your life who can listen and support you when you
talk about these topics and experiences?
Have you ever had an experience, no matter how brief, where you felt a joyous inner expansiveness and/or a connection with the web of life?

How did that affect you?

Excerpt From: Imam Jamal Rahman. “Sacred Laughter of the Sufis:
Awakening the Soul with the Mulla’s Comic Teaching Stories and
Other Islamic Wisdom”

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