Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

Accredited Diplomate Level

Diplomate Counsellor of Logotherapy / Logotherapy clinician


Greek Intitute of Logotherapy

The Training is offered online, tutoring via Zoom.
It is offered individually and can be started at any time with a flexible schedule.
On line group meetings of students are offered and encouraged to attend.

The training is mainly addressed to Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, Consultants, Social Workers, Educators and to any other Professional that might find Logotherapy useful as an integrative approach (Body Therapists, Yoga trainers, Meditation teachers, Physiotherapists, Human Resource specialists etch)

The Diplomate clinician certificate allows Licensed clinicians to incorporate Logotherapy as an integrative approach

Educator/Counsellor: The Diplomate Educator/Counsellor certificate allow educators and counsellors to apply Logotherapy within the framework of their professional field.

To become a Certified Logo Therapist you should complete 3 Levels of Studies:

1. Introductory Level or Logotherapy’s Philosophy & Applications Course
2. Advanced Level
3. Diplomate Level

Prerequisite Levels for the Diplomate Accreditation: Three

Teaching Methods:

Online meetings (2hrs/meeting)
Power Point Presentations
Studying Books, exercises, feedbacks
Assignments & Role Playing

1. Introductory Level: 12 hrs

Course Content:

The Training is offered online, tutoring via Zoom.
It is offered individually and can be started at any time with a flexible schedule.
On line group meetings of students are offered and encouraged to attend.

  • Dimensional Ontology: Body, mind and spirit
  • The three pillars of Logotherapy: Freedom of will, the Will to Meaning and Meaning in Life
  • The three avenues to find meaning: Creative, experiential and attitudinal values.
  • Self Distancing and Self Transcendence
  • Socratic dialogue
  • Paradoxical intention, dereflection and modification of attitudes
  • The human spirit, the existential dynamics: existential vacuum, existential distress and existential frustration
  • The meaning of suffering: the tragic triad (pain, guilt and loss)
  • Meaningful & Purposeful Goals

Student’s Prerequisites:

  • Participation in 100% of the meetings
  • Handing in answers to questions on the assigned books
  • Oral presentation at last class meeting

  • Reading material:
    Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”
    Joseph B. Fabry “The PURSUIT of Meaning”

2. Advanced Level: 48 hrs

Course Content:

The Virtues of a Logo therapist:

  • Character and Personality
  • Ethics
  • Presence
  • Inner Socratic dialogue
  • Authentic being vs Inauthentic being

Logotherapy techniques:

  • Dereflection
  • Paradoxical Intention
  • Attitude Modification

Logotherapy terms and applications:

  • Psychogenic & Noogenic neurosis
  • Iatrogenic neurosis
  • Meaning centered versus problem centered approach
  • Conscience as the detector of meaning
  • Medical ministry

Theories of psychology vs Logotherapy:

  • Psychoanalysis
  • Humanistic psychology
  • Cognitive Behavioural psychology
  • Existentialist psychologies
  • Mindfulness

The Human Spirit:

  • Spirituality
  • Conscience & Discernment
  • Organs of the Spirit
  • Recognising fate and areas of freedom

Case studies on transcendence and detachment through finding meaning in Life despite conditions:

  • Despair & Suicide
  • Violence & Aggression
  • Addictions
  • Meaninglessness in social life
  • Mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Developmental disorders
  • Finding Meaning in Life Challenges & Relationships

Student’s prerequisites:

  • Successful completion either of
    The Introductory Level or
    Logotherapy’s Philosophy & Applications Course
  • Holds at least a BA in one of the helping professions or has the certification in an allied helping profession. Admission is subject to the discretion of the VFI staff
  • Participation in 100% of the meetings
  • Handing in 8 written transcripts of individual sessions for case supervision or workshops of supervisions, 2 of which to be discussed in class and the rest emailed outside of class time
  • Final project in written form
  • Oral presentation of final project at last class meeting
  • Reading material:
    Specified Chapters from the following books:
    Teria Shantall “The Life Changing Impact of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy”
    Elisabeth Lukas “Living Logotherapy” & “Meaningful Living” & ”The Therapist and the Soul”
    Viktor Frank “The Doctor and the Soul” & “Say Yes to Life” & “Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning” & “The Unconscious God”
    Maria Marshall & Edward Marshall “Logotherapy Revisited”

3. Diplomate Level 24 hrs

The Diplomate Course consists of independent work on the part of the student.
The student will choose a project to research, conduct and write that will be Supervised over the duration of the course.
The aim is to assist the student to decide on a subject of research, complete a program of work, get into researching the subject, formulating the area of research and the writing up of it.
This project upon completion, will be presented to a group of students and the student will be encouraged to bring it in the International Logotherapy Community, Logotherapy Annual Conference or even to extent its content to a book and publish it, contributing to the future of Logotherapy

A Diplomate of Counsellor of Logotherapy Certificate from the Greek Institute of Logotherapy is issued to certify the Accreditation of the Education.


Payments are flexible and can be mutually established.


The Greek Logotherapy Institute is legally accredited to Train, Educate and Promote Logotherapy.


For Registration or any questions email to: elena.aroni@gmail.com