Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach

The arts of communication
1. The Art of mutual respect
(the gift of Generosity)

Opening the door to the possibility of positive change in our relationships


When we communicate with integrity and self disclosure, we offer valuable gifts to those we interact with.
Sharing of our self and our inner strength in this way we help bolster our sense of self-worth, we heal the insecure child with in and we inspire the other to become a more effective communicator, allowing us to become the beneficiary of the same gifts.
There are countless arts of communication, each with a complement of gifts embedded within, I am sharing the ones that bare the most valuable gifts.

The Art of mutual respect is an expression of the gift of Generosity.

When we hold firmly our intention to respect the other even when we disagree with his/hers point of view, what really happens in us is that we transcend our selfishness.
I might have my own personal point of view in this matter and I mutually respect your point of view.
“When you see that your focus on your self, your separateness, your preoccupation with your personal life, are all barriers against the natural order of reality, you become more willing to be open and loving. There is no threat then about being generous. You see that generosity is our nature. There is no loss in letting go of your point of view and choose to respect, to understand another point of view. There is no loss in mutually respecting the other, there is tremendous gain – yet no self gains it. The gain is everyone’s gain, the gain is for the universe. You will feel freedom, joy, fulfilment and happiness – but these feelings are not for you to possess, they are for the universe. Whenever any human being loses his point of view, the entire human race benefits. Ultimately, mutually respecting the other is not for our selves, is not for us individually, but for the good of everyone, for the earth as a whole. ” Diamond Heart Book Two, pg. 145 A.H.Almaas

We can elaborate, cultivate ourselves on how to think and behave enhancing mutual respect in every relationship we have, whether in the workplace or in our private environment.

Mutual respect per se, means that we value the other person’s right to exist!

Many researches are showing that mutual respect not only enhances positive personal relationships but organisations that welcome diversity are better at attracting, retaining and motivating talent. What’s more, they’re likely among the most profitable companies in their sector (Mckinsey and Company).

Since it is You that reads this article, do not let yourself “judge” someone else’s behaviour before You evaluate Your level of behaving, this may mean changing your own behaviour – possibly breaking old habits. Or you might need to take time to learn more about the topic for yourself.
When someone else is being rude or disrespectful to you, think carefully about whether it would be best to challenge them yourself or whether you’ll need support from a coach or a psychotherapist.