Eleni Aroni PsyT & Coach



Desire can either elevate a person toward dignity, self respect, abundance and generosity or drive the person toward degradation.
The more one gets, the more one wants.
Like junkies, people are willing to degrade themselves, abandoning themselves to the objects of their desires.
It is the appetitive craving running toward self degradation that is the 1st obstacle. The person regards everything and everybody as merely an object of their desire, which only gets worse.

But we have the  choice of choosing the direction of our desires toward elevation.

We can avoid that obstacle by shifting the direction of our desire through inner guidance.
When you desire to elevate your humanity, dignity and self respect, you focus desire in a quite different direction, by activating inner guidance.
To activate inner guidance pose questions that elevate you, like:
How can I respect myself or the other? How can I honour myself or the other? Am I generous toward myself of the other?
How can I feel the abundance instead of being needy or jealous?
What mind set, what attitude, what action is available at this very moment to truly serve my dignity, my self respect and my humanity?

The blaming, complaining, judging voice is the 2nd obstacle.
It is the voice of a person that feels abandoned. You blame, complain the world or the others and you blame yourself for not being good enough to receive what was there. You may reach out, but nobody seems to answer. All this brings a sense of abandonment.
But we have the choice of choosing the direction of the voice.
Instead of reacting to what you are, or how the world is, or what the others are, you can start listening to the other voice, that responds and listens all the time, that is always there for You, that is Grateful and Thankful for who You are.
The voice that is compassionate and understanding, yet powerful and wise.
This voice guides you through the world and with the others in the most loving way.
This voice guides your self towards meaning, self value and self trust.
This voice never abandons you!
This is your inner Voice of Gratitude, Thankfulness always present to answer every thought with abundant generosity.
To activate your inner listening to that Voice, to make your self sensitive enough to hear that Voice, you have to practice quietening the blaming, complaining, judging one.
You see the Inner Voice is always there for you!
Never will and never has abandoned you!
The more you silence the other one, the more you hear the Inner Voice.
When you find yourself in a blaming, complaining or judging mode just Stop!
Pause! Do not engage in a dialogue!
The more you disengage, the sooner you will hear the Inner Voice.
The more you practice to get rid of this voice as if it is a hot coal, the sooner you will start listening to your Inner Voice.
Inner Voice always responds, in every situation, with kind advises, ideas and suggestions, unique to you and your constitution.
With the Wisdom and Power that this Inner Voice owns, with the Unconditional Devotion that has for you, exactly as You are in any given moment, you start to feel that You always had and always will have somewhere to hold on too!

You simply have to make yourself available to hear her, so that you adjust your thoughts, your behaviour and your actions to the direction that your Inner Voice is showing you.